Hardball instructional Baseball is Prospect Development for players building skills for high school, college, and professional baseball. Coaches have college, professional, and international experience. Hardball instructional coaches utilize a player focused approach to developing skills through drills and games.


Hardball HQ offers you a great value for the price compared to local travel ball.

Local Travel Ball


2 weekends of tournaments is going to cost you more than HBHQ.

Does HBHQ Hate travel ball?


Our players, coaches, and families have been involved with travel baseball, high school baseball, Legion baseball, club baseball, recreational baseball, college baseball, and professional baseball. WE LOVE BASEBALL in all it's forms. There are many great travel teams out there that fit their players well. Everyone has to evaluate their path forward and we are here to offer you a development first approach to summer baseball. So do we hate travel baseball? No!

 We compare ourselves to travel baseball because we know what price families pay to play travel (in time, money, and emotion). We also know it isn't the right fit for every player. Travel ball increasingly focuses on squeezing in as many games as possible. In some organizations, this leaves little time for practice and training. It also leads to arm issues for players not getting a full arm care program. 

Unfortunately, development programs like ours are not widely known or understood. They can be a great compliment to travel baseball for players and coaches that take advantage of what we offer. The key is making time in the summer for a development program. Many travel teams will be supportive of their players taking 2 weeks out of tournament play to really focus on skill building because they know they'll come back a better teammate. 

HBHQ is also a great alternative for players looking for a different path than tons of games and limited time to develop, train, learn, and recover. Players that elect shorter development focused programs like ours spend the remainder of their summer focused on training and attending camps. Colleges hold 1 and 2 day camps for players targeting their school. Players attend showcases, guest play, and play for one off teams that form for a weekend tournament. If you want to play baseball, there is baseball to be played.

Most importantly, you have the freedom to make your schedule around development and training time instead of squeezing in training around tournaments.